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Hammerhead Athletic Flooring

Hammerhead Athletic Flooring Inc. is proud to be an authorized Centaur Floor™  Dealer,  providing its commercial facility customers with the highest quality sports flooring products available. From professional-grade basketball courts to high impact aerobic flooring and beyond, Hammerhead Athletic Flooring Inc. will supply all of your athletic flooring needs with the high-quality line of Centaur Floor products.

So, who are we?   
A professional sales team made up of staff-members who are actively involved in the
athletic industry.  We not only sell athletic industry products (sports flooring) & gym lockers (through our company affiliate  Fortress Locker Systems™ ... but, we are also actively involved in athletics! From fitness instructors to weekend- athletes....our staff can help you with any information you need! We place an emphasis on the elements of DESIGN!  One of our main objectives being to educate the facility owner on the  importance of COLOR in the design of their athletic facilities. We are your one stop shopping source for athletic facility products.  We'll even help you find resources for professional weight training equipment if you purchase our products!

What sports flooring lines do we carry?   
Hammerhead Athletic Flooring carries the environmentally-friendly, professional-grade, hardwood floors by Centaur EcoSport®. This top of the line basketball flooring will offer incomparable beauty and resiliency whether you are a Professional Sports Team requiring the Best, a high-end Fitness Facility, or a high-school with great demands. EcoSport® wood flooring offers 3 sub-floor systems to tailor the hardwood flooring to your specific needs. One of these sub-floor systems is the Iso-Flex™ sub-floor. 2 different pads are offered. Each impacts the resiliency and shock absorption to accommodate either basketball or aerobic dance needs. Be sure to read more about EcoSport hardwood basketball flooring and EcoSport aerobic flooring!

Our supreme aerobic wood flooring is Centaur Boflex®.  Utilizing their patented resilient foam channel understructure, Centaur Boflex® created a floor system with progressive resilience for safety, performance and comfort. The shock absorption channels allow even small children or light weight athletes to gain immediate resilience. Boflex® aerobic dance flooring is engineered to withstand heavy loads as the foam channels are recessed into the backside of the hardwood base construction. Boflex® also serves as a superior quality Multi-Sport wood floor. If you are looking for the highest quality aerobic flooring or for a multi-sport wood floor available, read more about our Centaur Boflex® Flooring.

Another category of flooring carried by Hammerhead Athletic Flooring are Rubber Flooring by Centaur Rubberflex®. This category contains flooring for every need, from weight room flooring, cardio room flooring, multi-purpose gym flooring, exercise mats, indoor tracks, to locker room and pool deck flooring The rubber floors offered are not limited only to exercise room flooring however. These floors are also excellent for use as corporate facility flooring, in lobbies, walkways, and child care areas! The Centaur Arena S® and HG® lines of flooring are also used extensively in high traffic areas such as ice rink walkways and lobbies. Be sure to check our section devoted to the rubber floor groupings!

If your demands are for Multi-Sport flooring, read about Centaur Gymlastic® multi-purpose flooring and Centaur Bergo® athletic flooring. Ideal for high-school purposes, Centaur Gymlastic® flooring provides an excellent surface for gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, assemblies, and even the prom! The Centaur Bergo® athletic flooring line was designed for use in Inline Skating. Make sure to stop by our Multi-Sport flooring pages! We are frequently increasing our sports flooring product lines, so check our site often!  The Centaur products carried by Hammerhead Athletic Flooring Inc. will turn your facility from ordinary to Spectacular! 

Call us today for a flooring quote for your facility!  
202.686.1511. Nationwide Sales

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