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Gymlastic Sports Floor
Bergo Interlocking Sports Floor
Lockers - Rust Proof Lockers
by Fortress Locker Systems™
Polypropylene Plastic Lockers)


Gymlastic Cross Section
Gymlastic Photo #1
Gymlastic Photo #2
Gymlastic Photo #3


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sports flooring The Rubberflex® Gymlastic Sports Flooring is an environmentally friendly, multi-layered system comprised of a rubber granulate base covered with four coats of polyurethane.  View a cross section of Gymlastic! And view our Standard Color Chart.

Gymlastic® sports flooring provides excellent shock absorption, sound absorption, durability and mechanical strength making it an ideal surface for sports, aerobics and dance. In addition, with superior mechanical strength to support heavy equipment loads and portable bleachers, Gymlastic®  is suitable for a variety of uses including automobile exhibits, band performances, conferences, assemblies, child care facilities, and even the homecoming dance!

Gymlastic®  is a low maintenance flooring system that requires no finishing or waxing.  It can be installed in a range of thickness from 1/4" to 1/2".

Gymlastic® “Renovation Plus” --  Resurface your existing polyurethane floor with Renovation Plus. Hammerhead and Centaur are happy to assess your existing synthetic surface and consult with you regarding the use of Renovation Plus as a resurfacing product for your existing gym floor.

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sports flooring  

sports flooring

sports flooring



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