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Rubberflex® Eco-Floor  is a product that helps protect our natural resources while expressing a deep respect for our environment. Eco-Floor is manufactured with first grade recycled components that are technically first grade quality.  It is manufactured with first grade recycled components to minimize production waste and eliminate the need for disposal, while maintaining the competitive edge.  This flooring represents a long lasting investment in your facility. Eco-Floor is a beautiful alternative to our recycled rubber line. Great for weight rooms, entry areas, Ice skating arenas.  Available in a hammered or circle pattern. Comes in 1 m x 1 m x 3/8” tiles.

The unique compound of Eco-Floor makes it the ideal solution for special flooring, i.e., where sports equipment might dig into the flooring. Also, its hammered surface and sprinkled, non-directional patterns are designed to withstand heavy traffic and hide stains, scuffs and indentations.  Eco-Floor is specially formulated for extreme resistance to cuts, punctures and tears.  High density and excellent elasticity enable this rubber flooring to withstand even the extreme real life tests.

In keeping with the growing market demand for recycled products, Eco-Floor is designed for all market segments, from commercial to industrial areas.

Rubberflex® Eco-Floor is made of the most versatile compounds with an exceptionally high rubber content to ensure the perfect combination of function and style:

  • Unsurpassed aesthetics and practicality in rubber flooring
  • Ideal long wearing flooring in commercial and industrial heavy traffic areas of schools, airports, retail chains, department stores, banks, hotels, office buildings, stadiums and sports arenas
  • Up to 600 PSI rolling load
  • Excellent slip resistance complies with ADA guidelines
  • Color coordinated stair treads in all dimensions and accessories are available.
Eco-Floor's many uses include:
  • Ice Rinks -- Ideal flooring since ice and skate blades will not destroy this floor.  In the wet areas of ice rinks, the classic round, raised pastille-type drains water and keeps feet dry.
  • Golf Facilities -- Eco-Floor is a proven surface for golf club houses since golf spikes cannot hurt this floor either.
  • Fitness Facilities -- Great for weight room floors, hallways, entry ways and dry areas in locker rooms.
  • Equine Facilities--Even your most finicky horses will appreciate the comfort and durability of Eco-Floor.

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Our Rubberflex® Eco-Floor comes in two textured surfaces: [click thumbnail to view a larger image. Use your browser's BACK button to RETURN.]

  • Hammer-toned for dry areas.  This texture is available in granite, amazona, agate gray and pacific blue (pacific blue not shown).
  • Raised Circles for wet areas which help guard against slip! This classic round, raised pastille-type is available in granite, amazona, and pacific blue. (colors shown above)



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