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Your Athletic Flooring Source for: Aerobic Flooring, Basketball Courts, Cardio Flooring, Exercise Room Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Gym Flooring, Inline Skating Flooring, Fitness Mats, Weight Room Floors, Rubber Flooring, Multi-Purpose Flooring, Child Care Flooring, Ice-Rink Flooring, Indoor-Tracks, Inline Hockey Floors, Lobbies, Entrance Way Flooring, Locker Room Flooring, Pool Deck Flooring, & more Sports Flooring!


Pre-Commencement Check List Guide:  

Note: Click here to view/print our Pre-Commencement Checklist guide.   Prior to installation, this checklist must be met.  At time of Purchase Order, you will be sent a Pre-Commencement Form which needs to be signed and faxed back to us certifying that all preparation steps have been met. The form must be returned prior to installation.

In order for us to maximize our productivity and offer you better service, and insure that your flooring project goes as smoothly as possible, there are certain criteria standard to the industry and floor installation that should be met prior to starting your flooring project.

Please check the list of items below. If you have any questions, please email us at info@hammerheadinc.com .

  • Have you allowed at least 3-4 weeks for delivery and installation of your new flooring prior to any deadlines you may have?
  • If tearing out an existing floor, do you have the labor lined up for this job?
  • Do you need any subfloor preparation completed?
  • Have imperfections in the floor been leveled? We recommend not more than 1/8” variation over a 10 foot area.
  • Is the floor clean of all debris, plaster, dirt, etc.?
  • Does the slab meet acceptable moisture range (8% or below)?
  • Is permanent lighting installed and working?
  • If you are putting in a wood floor, is the HVAC system operable?
  • Also, if wood floor, have you allowed enough time for the flooring materials to acclimatize? (Note: Boflex needs no acclimatizing.)
  • Will all other trades needing access to the floor area we are installing be completely finished? This is critical and has a direct bearing on the quality of the final product.
  • Are there any specific time requirements (start and stop) that must be adhered to?
  • Is adequate room available for storage and staging of materials other than the gym floor, i.e., the gym slab must be kept clean and clear of other materials?
  • Are all non-flooring materials (gym/fitness equipment) removed from the room?


Some other things to keep in mind...

  • Our installers are usually on very tight schedules. To meet your deadlines and timeframes, as well as other’s, please make sure the above items are in line.
  • We do not unload materials at the job site. This is always stated on your proposals but because of rushed orders, oversights, etc. is often missed and leads to misunderstandings when the materials are delivered to your site. You must have someone to unload unless other alternatives have been arranged well ahead of time. Also, a lift gate is not part of a normal delivery so if you will be needing one, please let us know when you place your order.

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