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EcoSport Wood Basketball Flooring


  • Basketball flooring
  • Volleyball flooring
  • Racquetball floors
  • Martial Arts floors
  • Aerobics/Dance


EcoSport™-- The Environmentally Friendly Flooring  is the culmination in the development of state of the art sports floor systems. As the name implies, this product utilizes an ecological approach to hardwood resource management of rubber tree wood (Hevea brasiliensis). Rubber trees produce latex for approximately 25 year. When the yield decreases, the trees are recycled into this beautiful hardwood.

The light color of Hevea solid hardwood is ideal for sports flooring. Hevea hardwood is to Asia as maple hardwood is to North America and Beech is to Europe. The hardness and density of Hevea is similar to Oak, making it a tough, durable hardwood flooring. Read more about the wonderful features of EcoSport Floors!  EcoSport  Technical Chart offers even more information.

EcoSport Floor Systems utilize totally pre-finished hardwood floor boards. This decreases installation time and eliminates the hazardous odors and dust of sand and finish systems. All Hevea floor boards have six coats of surface finish and two coats of sealer to the bottom. This creates a long lasting wear layer and protection against sub floor moisture penetration.

Our hardwood floor systems used for basketball, volleyball, etc. come with one set of games lines included in the price. Logos and other artwork are extra.

Centaur's flooring installer, who is also a graphic designer, loves to be creative!  So, if you have an idea of something special you would like created on your new floor, please let us know and we will be happy to have him help you create your dream floor!

To find out which of our 3 EcoSport Sub-Floor Systems is right for you: go to the sub-floor systems link!



Cross-section of pre-finished EcoSport™ hardwood floor boards:

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