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History of EcoSport

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EcoSport Features
History of EcoSport
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EcoSport wood flooring is made from Hevea wood.

EcoSport Athletic Flooring


EcoSport™ -- The Environmentally Friendly Flooring!

There are approximately 10 million hectares (241 acres) of rubber tree plantations worldwide and almost all are found in Asia.

After rubber trees have been tapped for about 25 years, their yield decreases and they are felled and replaced with new trees

At the time of replanting, an average of 30-75 m3 of saw logs are available per hectare. As rubber trees are replanted continuously, rubber plantations constitute an important source of wood in many parts of tropical Asia.

Properly treated rubber is very suitable for production of solid timber flooring because:

  • It has an attractive, light, uniform color.
  • It has a density similar to oak
  • The drying shrinkage of rubber wood is relatively low compared to most other hardwoods with the same density making it very dimensionally stable.


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